At MAHARSHI TEXTILE LLP (MTL) our main focus is on quality assurance of our extensive range of products. We keep the quality standards as per the international standards. Our teams of highly experienced and qualified quality analysts keep a track of quality right from the beginning to the end of the process.

In our in house laboratory, we perform the standard testing of the fabric and we make sure to keep the process up to the mark and at each step our expert quality analysts check the denim-crafting process on their own, so that there is no scope of errors. With the help of our own testing equipment, at our in house laboratory we deliver flawless and quality products which are checked for quality standards of international repute. Our equipment is checked and tested regularly.

Spinning Lab :

Our spinning lab is well equipped with computerized and high-tech equipment where we analyze yarn on the grounds of its count, pause length, twist etc. We start the testing of cotton that we buy from local and foreign suppliers. After passing the various quality tests, we select the best cotton.

Denim fabric Inspection :

We make sure to test and inspect fabric at every stage. Our standards of selection of fabric are stringent and we make sure to pass only the ones that meet the standards that we have set so that our customers get the best qualify of fabric meeting the international repute.

Physical Fabric Testing :

We personally inspect the fabrics physically so that there is no scope of error or substandard in quality. To ensure premium quality we perform various tests including, shrinkage testing, weight, width, skew moment and bowing, tear & tensile, PH, color fastness, stiffness of fabric, hunter lab shade grouping and visual shade grouping.

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