Energy Management

With our energy management practices we feel proud to announce that our company MAHARSHI TEXTILE LLP (MTL) is a carbon neutral production house where we incorporate the various measures of energy conservation. We follow the below mentioned compliances:

We practice recycling of condensate upturn as process water.
The lighting arrangements of our company are sheltered under LED.
The completion of IMS (combination of QMS / EMS / OSHAS) systems in our company MAHARSHI TEXTILE LLP (MTL) is almost done.
We consider execution of solar system in our work process.
We believe in “green and clean earth” for that our company has planted 25000 trees in our greenbelt.

Social, Health & Safety

At MAHARSHI TEXTILE LLP (MTL) our focus is on enhancing the social, health and safety laws and we incorporate it in our work culture to make the work environment better for the entire team. Our company policies aim at showing respect to each religion, caste, creed and gender. We do not support discrimination on the above said basis. We do not support child labor.

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  • Maharshi Textile LLP
    Sur.No. 58-1/2 ,
    Lilapar Canal Road ,
    At.Lilapar ,
    Dist. Morbi - 363 641 (Guj.) India
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